Agent Matsumoto
Kon'nichiwa! Watashi no namae wa Matsumoto Ashe desu. Oh pardon me, I keep forgetting that I have to speak in English. Hello, my name is Ashe Matsumoto. I have been working for SHIELD for about two years now. I am originally from Japan, so please pardon me if I say anything weird or speak in my native tongue.
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Reporting for duty

When the memo reached her, Ashe dropped what she was doing and made her way down to get suited up. From all the times she put on the tac-suit, it was for training purposes and she could quickly don it without fumbling over something now. Lacing up her boots, she stood up and reached into her locker to retrieve a piece of cloth. It was white with a hint of black. Unfolding it, she smiled at the crude words sewn into it. It was her good luck bandana. Folding it back up, she stuffed it into one of the pockets on her tac-suit and shut the locker door.

Time to get armed. Ashe tied back her hair back into a pony tail as she walked down the hall to the armory. Everyone that passed by her had to do a double take. While this agent was normally smiling and greeting everyone, she was not smiling today. Her eyes were hard and cold. A serious expression took over the usual happy one. This assignment was serious business and in her mind she was mentally going over what the memo had said. To meet with Agent Quartermain at Dee-Lite Amusement Park.  Stick to groups of two or more. Constant radio contact and to not apprehend the person described in the memo. If suspect is seen, contact a senior agent.

In no time, she was armed and ready. She didn’t even speak to the agent handing her the weapons and equipment. All that was missing was transportation. Looks like she was going to drive there herself from what the memo said. Looking at her watch, she made note that she had time and yet she was jogging toward the parking lot where assorted vehicles resided. 

Reaching the garage, she approached the guard that gave out assigned vehicles. “I would like to request use of a vehicle for the latest assignment” As she spoke, she handed him her badge for verification. He scanned the bar code on her badge and then tapped the screen a few times. He then handed her the keys to a vehicle and her badge. “Best of luck agent and it would be the vehicle in the corner over there”

Nodding her thanks, Ashe walked over to the car and unlocked it. She was about to get in when she heard her name being called out. Lifting herself slightly to look over the open door, she raised a brow. “Need a ride?”