Agent Matsumoto
Kon'nichiwa! Watashi no namae wa Matsumoto Ashe desu. Oh pardon me, I keep forgetting that I have to speak in English. Hello, my name is Ashe Matsumoto. I have been working for SHIELD for about two years now. I am originally from Japan, so please pardon me if I say anything weird or speak in my native tongue.
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Mousetrap II

Seeing that she was free out of the glass cage thing, Ashe took a tentative step forward. Nothing went off. No knives or crazy things being shot at her head. But that did not mean that she could breathe a sigh of relief. Now…Before wandering into the death pit of a maze, she had to do a body check. Ashe looked in all the pockets she had and found nothing. Not even the bandana she stashed away.

Well, there goes her way of helping the others identify that she was the realĀ  one. Smart move…very smart. Ashe did not move from her spot for a while. She just paced in a small circle as she pondered what to do. Find a weapon, beware of traps and get to the center. Also, she had to be careful running into the others. Could be a clone or actually them. No way of knowing. She hoped to not fight her friends…Especially if it looked like them. Memories started to surface, but she stamped them down.

"No…I need to focus" With that said, the young agent started to move away from the starting point. She wanted to place a hand on the wall, but a little voice told her not to in case of a trap being activated. Plus the walls kind of grossed her out. Yech!

Reaching a corner, she followed it and paused at the first opening to her left. What the heck was that thing? It was a giant clown head…An old giant clown head. Its painted red lips stretched into a grin. Painted eyes closed in a cartoonish way. The paint was faded, but not peeling. So…A plus there. Even then, that trap was quite obvious. No way in hell was she going to lose limbs or a head. Could be like that chomp thing from the Mario games. Even then..This looks to be the first and last obvious trap. “Good try”

Moving on, there was another opening to her left. Made her wonder if it was her luck to be in the trap infested place. Looking in the opening, there sat a box with a large red bow on top. A present? Maybe its a weapon. The green wrapping was quite tempting to rip open. Cautiously, she approached the gift box. Stroking her chin in a thoughtful manner, she tilted her head to the side. Could also be a trap…No ticking noise. So it wasn’t a bomb…or it could be one of those silent bombs. Sucking in a breath, Ashe reached out to pull at the bow and watched it unravel. The wrapping on the top came undone and fluttered to the floor. Picking up the cover, she lifted it and peered into the box. Ooohh, a baseball bat. A classic wood one too. “Not bad…Not bad at all”